A teenage girl finds out she’s an alien and has powers, now she feels the weight to make the world a better place.

Science Fiction


Athena goes on to fight the evil of man, only to find she can never return to Mt. Olympus.


Brave New World

The world must adapt as several hundred people suddenly develop super powers overnight.

Science Fiction

The Cabal

A group of street-wise wizards try to avert a prophesied end time. 


Cape and Castle

A Prohibition speakeasy where superheroes congregate.

Science Fiction


A specialized team must capture a group of escaped genetic experiments.

Science Fiction


A hacker uncovers a secret group with evil intentions, now he has to prove what they’re planning while they hack at his life to try and kill him.


The Crofts

A Regency era brother and sister engage in monster hunting.


Department of Undead Defense

There are things that go bump in the night and these are the government agents who bump back


Extra Special Effects

In a world with superpowers but no superheroes, there’s a TV show where powers are used as the cheapest special effect.

Science Fiction

Faerie Queen

A 14 year old faerie princess of a small enclave of supernatural creatures becomes queen after her parents are murdered


Forgive Me

A demon crawls its way out of Hell and now works chasing sinners to earn Heavenly forgiveness


Mike Baker

A satire of the retired agent with bloody history gets called back into service to do the jobs that the government needs to officially deny story


Pitchers and Catchers

Two pitchers, one a rookie, the other a journeyman still looking for his big break, attend Spring Training where they must compete for the same roster spot. But what happens when their feelings start to get in the way?

Rom Com

Project Prometheus

A young woman escapes the secret project that raised her to be a killing machine, but her former captors won't let her go so easily.


The Protectors

A family with powers gets reincarnated through the ages to keep the peace.

Science Fiction

Stryker's Crew

A D-grade supervillain is coerced into performing crimes to wipe away his gambling debts, to help him he’s formed a crew

Science Fiction


A woman gets caught in the middle between a secret organization that makes bionic warriors and a splinter group who’s rebelling against the organization

Science Fiction